Kate Mitchell is a qualified and experienced Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist.

Hello and welcome

Welcome to my ‘all about me’ page. Below you will find out about what to expect when you work with me, my core beliefs and my qualifications and ongoing training.

What can you expect?

Firstly you will find that my manner is gentle, welcoming and professional.

You can expect to be listened to. You can expect to have your thoughts and feelings taken seriously. You can expect to feel heard and valued.

You can expect a clear treatment plan with timescales, based on a thorough clinical assessment as well as from our discussions.

You can expect to have time to review progress at the start of each session and to have an honest conversation about what works and does not work for you.

You can expect to be able to ask questions, and to learn all about yourself.

You can expect to find yourself taking control, feeling happier, freer and more aware of your needs and values.

You can expect recordings and support work in between sessions to help keep you on track.

Who am I?

My passion is for helping you. Until I became a hypnotherapist myself I had spent many years studying child development as part of my career in Special Educational Needs Education.

I love living in the countryside after spending most of my career in large towns and cities. . Being of an inquisitive and academic nature I looked into the clinical evidence before committing to my training, so I trained a the UK College of Hypnotherapy, an evidence based course, with plenty of clinical supporting evidence.

My clients find me warm, gentle, supportive, empathetic, insightful and reassuring.

What are Kate’s qualifications?

I have a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy which is accredited and recognised by the General Hypnotherapy Council.

I undertook additional training in ACT with Doctor Russ Harris. This is a compassion based therapy which is perfect for helping you to find your core values in life. When you know what you value in yourself and others you can begin to free yourself from procrastination, anxiety and over thinking, and learn to love yourself again.

In addition I have undertaken training in Insomnia, addiction and stopping smoking, and a masterclass in hypnotherapy for anxiety.

If you are reading this page then you may well have questions and concerns. Feel free to contact me to find out more. I offer free phone consultations, or can also meet you on Zoom and Skype if that is easier. Click here to book your free consultation.

Training and qualifications

My diploma is in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

My training was initially with the UK College of Hypnotherapy where I achieved my diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy. Because this course is evidence based and teaches clinically proven approaches, my diploma is accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS).

In the past year I have continued learning and have successfully completed a course in Integrated Hypnotherapy approaches to Anxiety.

In addition I have completed a course in Stopping smoking and also in ACT approaches to trauma, anxiety, loss and grief.

Most recently I attended CPD on Insomnia so that I could improve my understanding of this complex subject. The training was very useful and I now offer insomnia help to my clients.

As a qualified and experienced cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist I am very selective as to the type of training I undertake, and all my training is evidence based and considers only clinically proven approaches to treatment.

How can you access my support?

I am an approved Therapist for Anxiety UK.

I can also be found on the Hypnotherapy Directory. Click here to find me.

My clinical base at The Eden Sports Clinic – a lovely clean place to work.

When lockdown ends I will return to my Monday sessions at The Eden Sports Clinic.

The beautiful and calming surroundings at Options Salon in Edenbridge

I will also return to the soothing surroundings of Options Salon once Lockdown eases.

In addition I work online via Zoom and Skype.

I hope this has answered a few of your questions.

Click here to book your online session with me, I look forward to meeting you!

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