Hypnotherapy can help with anxiety, circular thoughts, worrying, irrational fears and sleep problems.

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome anxiety, irrational thoughts and fears, worries and circular thoughts

Anxiety, worrying, sleeplessness, circular thoughts that go round and round your mind? Or do you have irrational fears? Luckily, these can all be helped through hypnotherapy. It works by harnessing your own imagination and will power. You can learn to set yourself free.

What are the symptoms of anxiety?

There are different aspects to anxiety. You can feel it physically through muscular tension, rapid breathing, blushing, sleeplessness, shaking, sweating and feeling sick or queasy. You may experience circular thoughts, or niggling worries which catch you unawares.

How will a hypnotherapy session help me?

Because there are different ways you may feel, and different causes, there are different ways in which I can help you. Together we will work out what the underlying, or root causes are of the anxiety.

Next, through discussions with you and analysing the assessment data, we can work out the best way to help you. Your needs will be matched to the best method, and your treatment plan will be discussed and agreed with you.

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Kate Mitchell qualified hypnotherapist can help you with anxiety, worry, irrational and circular thoughts.
Kate Mitchell Hypnotherapist can help you overcome anxiety
Kate Mitchell is an approved therapist for Anxiety UK, who provide affordable help for anxiety sufferers in the UK.
Kate Mitchell Hypnotherapist is an approved clinical hypnotherapist for Anxiety UK

As an approved Anxiety UK hypnotherapist I have had training in how hypnotherapy can help with anxiety, worry and circular thoughts. To find out more about Anxiety UK and how hypnotherapy can help anxiety – click here to go to their website.

My clients have found that my gentle. supportive and empathetic approach really helps them to talk and to find a way through their worries. Understanding how the vicious cycle works, identifying negative thoughts and their affect on emotions can really help you to take back control. Because I am also versed in mindfulness techniques you can also learn how to let go, breathe and relax on cue.

Learn how to breathe and overcome anxiety, circular thoughts, worry, irrational fears and sleeplessness
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“The sessions have been really useful and…. I shall practice this regularly. I feel you have given me very useful tools for the future.”

Client V.


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