How do emotions effect chronic & long term pain?

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Chronic  pain is pain that lasts longer than three months but doesn’t always indicate ongoing damage, even though it may feel like it. In the past we assumed that this was because we had not healed after an injury, but for most people we now know that this is unlikely.

Chronic pain and hypnotherapy - how chronic and long term pain can be helped through hypnotherapy from a qualified hypnotherapist
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Nerves work like electrical-chemical computers that send messages up and down the body. When part of the body is injured, messages are sent via the nerves to the brain. The brain then perceives these messages as danger so sends pain down to the affected site. 

The natural chemicals released when we are tired stressed, anxious or depressed are very similar to the chemicals released to communicate danger or damage. This therefore can lead to an injured body part being over sensitised, increasing the intensity of the pain. 

Relaxation and visualisation techniques under the direction of a hypnotherapist can help to release tension and relieve pain
Relaxation and visualisation techniques under the direction of a hypnotherapist can help to release tension and relieve pain

Studies have shown that if people are feeling sad, depressed or low, pain is felt more deeply, and is more intrusive, than if people are happy, excited or even angry. This is due to how our brains work. When the brain detects happiness or positive emotions, the body floods with endorphins, causing pain impulses to be disrupted or dissipated completely. This is why ‘Mummy kiss it better’ works so well for small children. The converse is true – depression, anxiety, sadness depresses the system, allowing pain impulses to be felt more quickly, and the pain to be felt more intrusively.

living life with less pain and more confidence through will power and hypnotherapy
Your will power and my commitment will help you reduce pain and gain more confidence. Photo by Sebastian Voortman on

Hypnotherapy is effective because it teaches techniques for controlling chronic pain. When combined with Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy it is also extremely efficient at unblocking emotions which might be making the pain worse, allowing you to begin to live again. In addition, using hypnotherapy to induce relaxation can help to relax tension in the muscles, which is another factor which can increase pain. By learning how to systematically relax your body, you become less tense, more emotionally free, and more confident about going forth into the world again.

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