Let me help you to set yourself free.

I specialise in phobias, insomnia, anxiety and relaxation for the over 16s, younger and older adults.


Do you have a fear or phobia which is holding you back? You can set yourself free and it is easier and quicker than you think!

Whatever it is, you can overcome your fears and live a normal life free from that awful feeling which comes over you when you are in the grip of a phobia.

Without any scary or intrusive forced proximity you will soon find that you are able to live life again, free from fear.

Ask yourself this – what would life be like if I didn’t have this fear?

Where would I go? What would I achieve?

Now is the time to find out!

Freedom from phobias is within your grasp
Set yourself free!


Just let go….

Learn how to relax physically and mentally.

You deserve to know the secrets of mental tranquillity.

When you are relaxed everything in life is easier. Work. Relationships. Home life. Sport.

My simple and easy to learn techniques are backed up by recordings which you can listen to again and again as you learn to relax whenever and wherever you need to.

Relaxation training techniques - learn to let go.
learn to relax whenever you need to

Anxiety relief

Anxiety is a normal human emotion. But when it becomes overwhelming it can limit your enjoyment of life in every way.

Good news! You can overcome this!

My methods are based on solid scientific research. I use my training in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy and ACT therapy to help you to understand your triggers and to find new ways of thinking.

Learn how to overcome anxiety and live freely again


If you are having sleep issues it can feel overwhelming. I can help you to sleep more easily, and deal with waking in the night, anxiety around sleeping and creating a good sleep routine.

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CBH for School and college issues

CBH is very effective with teens and young adults because it helps everyone to understand their own mind, the way it sometimes works against them. In addition you will learn skills which will be helpful throughout your life when challenges occur. Recent examples include overcoming fear of change, sickness phobia and fainting at the dentist, as well as anxiety over exams and starting college and sixth form.

Working online works!

Join me online for the utimate in safe, effective treatment

Online therapy sessions at times to suit you
working online at times which suit you

My relaxation sessions help you to bring mindfulness into your daily life and to develop effective relaxation techniques you can use anywhere.

Has your ‘A game’ gone ‘AWOL’?

feeling anxious? click on the picture

If you are feeling anxious, it can impact on your life in untold ways. My gentle and supportive sessions can help you to regain control and live life to the full again.

Read my blog here:

Are you finding it hard to relax?

learn how to relax and let go

Regain your confidence in your abilities to cope with stress.

My techniques draw on mindfulness, ACT and CBT to create the perfect tools to improve relaxation. Learn how to float away into a calm and relaxed place at any time.

Phobia or irrational fear?

click the picture for phobia help

You can overcome your phobia and live a life out of its shadow. My gentle approach helps you to find your own path to freedom.

Big thank you. I think now with your help I can do anything. It feels good.

Client A

Thank you. The sessions have been really useful. I feel you have given me very useful tools for the future” Client VC 


“Warm and friendly” 

Clients feedback sheets

“Loved it! Great therapeutic alliance. I felt really comfortable talking to Kate. I could feel her warmth and insight.”Client DS

About Kate

Kate is a qualified Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist working online and in Edenbridge, Kent. She has training in a range of supporting therapies and will work with you to discover the best treatment plan for you.

Set yourself free.

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